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Welcome to our Favorite Things page! I’m Robin McCoy, a passionate and experienced realtor, and I’m thrilled to share not only my personal recommendations but also some of my team’s favorite items with you. Together, we have curated a diverse collection of recommendations spanning delightful restaurants, top-notch breweries, essential camping equipment, captivating books, stylish shoes, and more.

Explore the culinary wonders with our favorite restaurants. These establishments have been carefully selected by both me and my team for their exceptional flavors, inviting atmospheres, and outstanding service. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner spot, a cozy brunch destination, or a trendy cafe, our combined recommendations will satisfy your taste buds and create memorable dining experiences.

If you’re a beer enthusiast or simply enjoy a good brew, our favorite breweries are a must-visit. Discover local craft beers, unique flavors, and the vibrant brewery scenes that we personally enjoy. From microbreweries to well-established names, these breweries offer a variety of beers to suit every palate, based on the collective tastes and preferences of our team.

For outdoor enthusiasts, we have curated a list of essential camping equipment. Find top-quality tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves, and other gear that will enhance your outdoor adventures. Our recommendations ensure durability, comfort, and practicality, drawing from the combined experiences of our team members who love exploring the great outdoors.

Indulge in our favorite books, carefully chosen to captivate and inspire readers. From thrilling page-turners to insightful non-fiction and literary gems, these books promise to transport you to new worlds and spark your imagination. Discover our personal literary favorites, which reflect the diverse interests and literary tastes of our team.

No page of favorite things is complete without a selection of stylish and comfortable shoes. Our chosen shoes combine fashion, comfort, and versatility. Whether you need footwear for professional settings, casual outings, or active pursuits, our team’s favorites offer both flair and functionality, catering to different styles and preferences.

Welcome to our world of favorite things! Each category leads to dedicated web pages where you can explore our combined recommendations in detail. Remember, these are not only my personal preferences but also the favorites of my team members. We encourage you to discover your own favorites and enjoy exploring the diverse range of recommendations from our team. Let our collective recommendations inspire your own adventures and experiences!

Have any recommendations of your own? Let us know! Your recommendation could be mentioned in our Weekly Newsletter!

Please note we are an affiliate for several companies and may be paid a commission if you make a purchase.

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