Relax! I Got This! Podcast — Elevate Your Real Estate IQ

Get ready…Robin is a Texas Realtor and has the expertise to give you the information you need to make the right decisions. Welcome to the Relax, I Got This Podcast with your host Robin McCoy.

A real estate transaction is potentially the largest investment we make in our lives. Whether you are buying and selling your personal home or investing in real estate you need the knowledge to make the right decisions.

Relax! I Got This! Podcast


Season 1:

“Suck Less Tomorrow” with Christian Johnson

“Get to Know Your Home – the Inspection” with Ken Dugan

“The Dynamic Duo” with Tracy Jakobi

“Burch Law on Estate Planning (Part 1)” with Lorie Burch

“Estate Law in Texas (Part 2)” with Lorie Burch

“All About Reverse Mortgages Today” with Alesia Dutton

“Stay on Top of Your Roof” with Grand Alexander

“Is Solar a Real Estate Upsale?” with Mike Finney

“Solar and Your Real Estate Value” with Mike Finney

Season 2:

“What is Up with These Interest Rates” with Christian Johnson

“Homeownership is for Everyone” with Mylo Draven

“This Agent is Free with a Policy” with Todd Campbell

Julie Jones – “The Home Warranty Educator”

“Effortless Charm Staging” with Nedra Hines

Megan Reeves with “Pacesetter Homes”

“Uptown Funding — A Family Mortgage Brokerage” with Steve and Dana Hakes

“Neighborhood Solar Guru” Mike Finney

“Each Lender is Different” with Karla Corcoran

“What the Heck is Title Insurance” with Mandy Moss

“New Construction in the Spring Market” with Megan Reeves

Alesia Dutton: The Reverse Mortgage Lady

“Creative Credit Solutions” with Justin Mirche

“Overcoming the Fears of Buying a House” with Mylo Draven

Home Inspections 101″ with Ken Duggan

Navigating Real Estate Investments” with Sean Thomson

“Cover Your Assets” with Lorie Burch

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