Each Lender is Different with Karla Corcoran

In this episode, I speak with Karla Corcoran about the different types of lenders, so when the need arises, you’ll know who you can trust to work with. Karla has been a Residential Loan Officer since 1997. She is currently with Groves Captial, which is a Broker with over 160 lender relationships and who will shop on their client’s behalf to find the perfect loan for one’s personal situation.

I feature a lot of lenders on my show because, along with the agent, we are the first two people you need to be speaking with when purchasing a home and getting that whole process started. Every lender approaches things differently, just like Realtors; you want someone you can relate to, whom you can trust, etc. It’s important to have good team around you no matter what you’re doing.

Who you’re in business with matters! To get in contact with Karla, use any of the methods listed below.
Karla Corcoran: Your Texas Lending Lady
Facebook: Your Texas Lending Lady
Instagram: @corcoran.karla
Email: karlacorcoran@grovescapital.com
Phone: (214) 546-1294

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