Crushing It with Your Tribe! Podcast

Welcome to the Crushing it With Your Tribe! Podcast. This is the podcast where we share real talk about building business and life relationships.

As a Texas Realtor, I am in the unique position to meet and know so many different people in a wide range of industries. These people are my “Tribe”, and I leverage them not only to help my business but theirs as well. 


Season 1:

“Who is Telling Your Story?” with Vicki Marlett

“The Reluctant Coach” with Janet Bernstein

“For the Love of Music” with Eric Oberto

“Creative Parties with Cher Ewing” with Cher Ewing

“Safe Hands Insurance” with Anthony Wright

“The Dynamic Duo” with Tracy Jakobi

“Athena’s Strategies Sexual Assault Prevention” with Meg Hinkley

“Young Entrepreneurship” with Leahana Kraus

“Crushin’ It” with Meghan Fife

“Down Syndrome Partnership” with Krysten Vaughan

Season 2:

“Practice Makes Progress” with Meredith Miller

“Adoption is Awesome!” with Julia Kramer

“The Other Side of the Gun” with Susan Snow

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