Get You in Shape with Brad Linder

In this episode, I speak with Brad Linder about fitness and overall health. Brad has been a transformation coach making a life-changing impact on thousands of lives since 1998. He is the founder of Get You In Shape, based in Coppell, Texas. Get You In Shape is an in-person fitness and online coaching program that focuses on peoples’ own ability to make change in their lives. Brad Linder and his company, Get You In Shape Fitness, was named as one of the top personal training companies in Texas” on The Doctors TV Show. Get You In Shape also does Corporate Wellness. 

Get You in Shape is so much more than just another workout program. It is a community of people to help motivate you and hold you accountable to get up and just move. Make the choice to change your life. 

“When it comes to your body, fitness is just one aspect. Your mind is another aspect, so we really focus on dialing in on some of the reasons why you want to be healthy, why you want to be fit. What is your ‘why’? Mental strength is going to be one because I don’t feel like working out a lot but guess what I did. Why? Because I have enough reasons why I need to work out.”
Brad Linder: Get You In Shape
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Facebook: Get You In Shape
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– 40 Day Challenge: Proven! 40 minutes a day for 40 days to Completely Change Your Body, Mind, and Spirit!
– Brad Linder’s Get You In Shape

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