Follow the Signs

For this episode, I’m doing something a little different: I’m going to talk about a piece of My Camino story. In August 2019 where I walked a portion of the Camino de Santiago solo. One of the mental conversations I had with myself was this idea of “Follow the Signs.” Signs can come in allContinue reading “Follow the Signs”

Choosing Gratitude with Mary Ceccanese

In this episode, I speak with Mary Ceccanese about creating positive environments in the workplace. Mary is the owner and principal consultant of Dynamic Connections LLC. Celebrating almost fifteen years of presenting interactive seminars and workshops to all levels of staff in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, she engages attendees with research-based practices applied toContinue reading “Choosing Gratitude with Mary Ceccanese”

Feeding Faith with Kristen Crisp

In this episode, I speak with Kristen Crisp about Feeding Faith, her non-profit Christian humanitarian mission in Guatemala. Feeding Faith is a Christian humanitarian organization that is focused on increasing the peace, energy, and faith in Jesus Christ through healing, feeding, building, moving, and caring for those in need both domestically and internationally. A long-time retail manger andContinue reading “Feeding Faith with Kristen Crisp”

The Power of Music with John Chester

In this episode, I’m back with Season 1 guest John Chester, and again we talk about the power of music and having a positive playlist. Ever wish you could somehow use all that music knowledge you’ve got in your head to somehow help the issues within your head? John believes this is a real possibility.Continue reading “The Power of Music with John Chester”

Practice Makes Progress with Meredith Miller

In this episode, I speak with Meredith Miller, my ABWA sister and behind-the-scenes rockstar of ATTACK Basketball Academy. ATTACK Basketball Academy is an organization where they focus on developmental, personal training, and group skills rather than wins and losses on the court. These are skills that they can carry with these kids both on andContinue reading “Practice Makes Progress with Meredith Miller”

WomenSpeak with Marilyn Gordon

In this episode, I speak with Marilyn Gordon about WomenSpeak. WomenSpeak is a combination of negative patterns and other verbal and non-verbal communication that are unique to women when communicating to their friends, families, and business colleagues, especially their male colleagues and clients.  It can, however, occur in all types of communication situations such asContinue reading “WomenSpeak with Marilyn Gordon”

Empowerment Over Money with Lisa Marie Robinson

In this episode, I’m back with Lisa Marie Robinson, The Sassy Wealth Coach, about empowerment over money. Lisa has over 20 years of experience in accounting – helping women manage their money with confidence to feel empowered. After surviving a tumultuous childhood filled with addiction, theft, and violence, she made it her mission to helpContinue reading “Empowerment Over Money with Lisa Marie Robinson”

Helping Children Overcome Homelessness with Greg Brinkley

In this episode, I speak with Greg Brinkley with Vogel Alcove about the organization’s missions to help Dallas’s youngest homeless population and their families overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. Greg is Chief Development Officer for Vogel Alcove, an author, and public speaker. He is passionate about fitness, music, personal development, traveling, andContinue reading “Helping Children Overcome Homelessness with Greg Brinkley”

Down Syndrome Partnership with Kyrsten Vaughan

In this week’s featured episode of my Crushing It with Your Tribe podcast, I speak with Krysten Vaughan, founder of Reagan’s Renegades and board member for Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk Committee, the top fund-raising team for Down Syndrome Partnership for the last 3 years in a row. Supporting her daughter and others inContinue reading “Down Syndrome Partnership with Kyrsten Vaughan”

A Woman of Many Hats with Zay Mixon

In this episode, I speak with Zay Mixon. Zay is a wife of 15 years, mom of 3, and a millennial. She’s a licensed real estate agent, licensed Life Agent, a Notary Public, an author, holds a motorcycle license, holds a CDL license, done some trucking, holds a gun license, and is passionate about livingContinue reading “A Woman of Many Hats with Zay Mixon”