Neighborhood Solar Guru Mike Finney

Season 2, Episode 8 – Relax, I Got This! Podcast

In this episode, I speak with Neighborhood Solar Guru Mike Finney about solar energy.  Neighborhood Solar is the only true solar brokerage in Texas. They shop the entire solar market to make sure their customers make the best possible solar decision. They take an education approach with no stress, no pressure; they love partnering with other industries and giving other forms of revenue with little-to-no effort or investment.

When Mike was looking for solar energy as a consumer, he saw the potential within the industry but realized just how unregulated it was and wanted to make a change. He did his research and noticed how every company out there seemed to have their own ways of doing things. Now he does the work for his clients, partnering them with trusted solar energy companies and taking a lot of stress out of their decision-making.

Take a listen to the episode to learn more about solar energy, and reach out to Mike via the channels listed in the links below. Also available on your favorite podcast players!


Mike Finney: Neighborhood-Solar
Facebook: Neighborhood-Solar
Phone: (940) 331-8092

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