Navigating Real Estate Investments with Sean Thomson

Navigating Real Estate Investments with Sean Thomson

In this episode, I speak with Sean Thomson, managing member of Thomson Multifamily Group and Bridge Asset Management, about navigating real estate investments, both single-family and multi-family. Over the last decade, Sean has been perfecting the processes of scouting, acquiring, and investing in real estate. He considers the health of his investors, financially and personally, to be one of the most rewarding parts of pursuing financial freedom. He has built a couple companies that not only do the investing, but also the managing of those investments.

“There’s opportunities out there to invest in something other than Wall Street mutual funds. There [are] all kinds of investments that you can do…you can take charge of your future; your financial future can be more in your control.”

Who you’re in business with matters! To get in contact with Sean for all of your real estate investment needs, use any of the methods listed below.
Sean Thomson
Thomson Multifamily Group
Bridge Assest Management
Phone: 214-571-7783
Facebook: Sean Thomson
LinkedIn: Sean Thomson

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