Roof Exposure and why it matters

The direction the front of your home faces will determine the amount of sunlight it receives which has an impact on many elements of your home. There are four types of exposures: Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western. One is not necessarily better than the other but there are advantages and disadvantages to all. Southern exposureContinue reading “Roof Exposure and why it matters”

The Importance of Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation

Ventilation provides air circulation crucial to protecting your roof and other structural areas of your home. The attic and crawlspace are two of the most important areas for air to flow freely from the ground to the roof. However, these areas can get easily overlooked because we rarely check the attic or crawlspace for anyContinue reading “The Importance of Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation”

Potential Plumbing Problems

It’s important to know how to tell when you have a plumbing problem so that you can address small issues before they become bigger ones. When pipes are left unchecked over time, some common occurrences are exuberant water bills, permanent water damage, the spread of harmful mold, and bursting pipes and sewer lines. The followingContinue reading “Potential Plumbing Problems”

Exterior Home Hazards

Although we may pay attention to maintenance and safety needs inside the house, outside hazards such as falling tree limbs, mold, infestations, and foundation issues can get overlooked, leading to costly repairs and possible injury. Here are some common risks to look for and tips for keeping your exterior property safe. Wear and tear onContinue reading “Exterior Home Hazards”

Gutter Health

Well-functioning gutters are essential for reducing potential damage to your foundation. Gutters direct rainwater off your roof and away from your foundation reducing the potential for damages caused by ponding water. It’s important to clean your gutters regularly to avoid becoming clogged which could lead to avoidable costly repairs. In cold climates, clogged gutters canContinue reading “Gutter Health”

Security Tips for Every Home

Although today’s homes contain more comforts and conveniences than medieval castles, they usually lack a moat and drawbridge, and an army of sentinels to prevent intrusion. Assuming your home does not have a moat, here are easy ideas to make your property more secure. The most commonly advised and cost-free step is to keep yourContinue reading “Security Tips for Every Home”

Ensuring Healthy Air and Water Quality in Your Home

Since the Pandemic, many homeowners have spent more of their time inside their homes, whether for entertainment or work. IAQ (indoor air quality) and water have, thus, become increasingly focused, especially during the winter. As we spend more time indoors, our health can become negatively impacted by contaminants in our residence that we are notContinue reading “Ensuring Healthy Air and Water Quality in Your Home”

Kitchen Trends for 2023

Are you tired of facing another year looking at the same humdrum colors, designs, and surfaces in your kitchen? Do you feel materials need to be updated? Like others, you spend much time here prepping, cooking, and entertaining. Consider redecorating for the new year! Peruse the following kitchen design trends for 2023 that many designersContinue reading “Kitchen Trends for 2023”

Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

You can have a beautiful home while making it safe and comfortable for your pets, your family, and young children. Keeping a house clean, odor-free, and elegant can be difficult when you have a four-legged creature running around. However, with attention to your pet’s comfort and making it easy on yourself, you can maintain aContinue reading “Make Your Home Pet-Friendly”