Meow Wolf

Robin going inside Meow Wolf

I ran across Meow Wolf several years ago when I was in Denver and have been a fan ever since. Originally started in Santa Fe, Meow Wolf is composed of artists with previous and current lives as graphic designers, technologists, writers, fabricators, painters, sculptors, and everything in between.

But what is it? Born in Santa Fe in 2008 as an underground art collective, the living being called “Meow Wolf” is made of hundreds of artists and storytellers from all over this universe. Together, we imagine and create new immersive worlds to explore. The Origin Story tells you how it all began. 

When you walk into Meow Wolf you are engulfed in a vast amount of stimuli from things to look at, touch, read, and look for clues to the secret story. It is like describing the color orange…you just have to see it yourself. 

Currently there are installations in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, and now DFW at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, TX. Santa Fe is the only location I haven’t been to (yet) and not showing favoritism here… but Grapevine is my favorite. Typically, the artists that put the installation together are local which is also a big plus.

Go see Meow Wolf and let me know if you are as enchanted as I am. I wish they had a season pass like Six Flags….

You can check it out on their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn!

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