How Do I Make the Most of My Backyard?

Image of lavendar and purple flower with butterflies Make the most of my backyard

What should I build in my backyard?

When it comes to making the most of your backyard many things come to mind. Here are 7 that are sure to bring a lot of love to your outdoor space.

  • Build a deck or patio – this instantly gives your backyard overall appeal
  • Lay a rug down on the patio – just a rug on the patio or deck adds a touch of texture and color
  • Create shade with a pergola – create a quiet space using curtains and cushions under the shade created
  • Plant a butterfly garden – these can be any size from a window box to a section in the yard
  • Set up a trellis with flowering plants – adds a little charm and can be made from wood or metal
  • Invest in a fountain – this can be tucked in a corner or set on a side table
  • Create a raised garden for vegetables – this doesn’t take up a lot of space and you don’t have to dig in the dirt or bend over to weed!
Image of a small yard with a deck, lounge chairs and a fire pit
Make the most of my backyard

How do I make a small yard look bigger?

  • Use pavers and decks in the right direction – laying them on the diagonal gives the illusion of a larger space
  • Color at the entry – this draws the focus there making the rest of the yard appear larger
  • Levels – the added depth does amazing things to the eye
  • Divide the space – put a dining area in one place and a lounge area in another. Divide the two with large pots.
  • Hang mirrors – while not always an outdoor accessory, mirrors can reflect light and images making a space appear larger.

Inexpensive backyard privacy ideas

Often these days our neighbors are just a bit too close or maybe we just desire a little more privacy. Here are some inexpensive ideas to bring you that privacy.

  • Supersized planters – fill them with full and tall plants
  • Hang outdoor curtains around your patio – pull them around when you want privacy
  • Put up a simple lattice fence – and run flowering plants on it
  • Build a privacy screen – these are usually lightweight and easy to move around if necessary
  • Plant trees – this may be for a larger budget however works every time.
Image of a patio with a wooden screen separator. Purple flowers. Make the most of my backyard

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