Buyers Can Kill a Deal

In this market we always hear how sellers are difficult. How they are greedy and won’t make any repairs or do anything to help the buyer because they don’t need to. However, there are story upon story where the buyer was the one to wreck the deal.

Interview With an Inspector

We interviewed Residential Home Inspector Ken Duggan with Pillar to Post Inspections here in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Robin McCoy, Realtor® with Keller Williams Realty Hey everybody. It’s Robin McCoy with Keller Williams and I am here with Ken Duggan, the owner of Pillar to Post Inspection Services here in the DFW area. He is a residentialContinue reading “Interview With an Inspector”

Why Are Texas Property Taxes So High?

Hi everybody it’s Robin McCoy with Keller Williams. I want to chat a little bit today about property taxes… hot topic right now in the state of Texas and in Dallas County. I attended an MLS meeting this morning. It is where Realtors® come together with their affiliates (the people that make up our extendedContinue reading “Why Are Texas Property Taxes So High?”

Buyer’s or Seller’s Side; There are often repairs to be made on a home.

Whether you’re on the buyer’s side or the seller’s side, there is often repairs to be made on a home. Buyer or Seller what does this mean?

The Castle House by Dilbeck

This One-of-a-Kind Charles Dilbeck Home is Now For Sale 5029 Milam Street, known as The Castle House, was built in 1940 and is one of the few French Eclectic masterpieces from Charles Dilbeck; and it is now For Sale! Charles Dilbeck designed approximately 600 houses in the Dallas, TX area between 1932 and 1970. TheyContinue reading “The Castle House by Dilbeck”