Path to Home Ownership

If you’re thinking of buying a home the Path to Home Ownership can be intimidating. You’re not alone. There are a lot of questions and everyone seems to have a different answer. Remember that every situation is different. What your friend’s experience was will not be the same for you. Here’s a map with 10Continue reading “Path to Home Ownership”

Our 5-Step Senior Transition Program

The Senior Transition can be difficult, challenging, and time-consuming. Our 5 Step Senior Transition Program works to make this process easier on the entire family. Be sure to check out our Trusted Vendor List as well for things you may want to do prior to starting the process Step 1: Initial Consultation Robin McCoy &Continue reading “Our 5-Step Senior Transition Program”

Evaluating Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

Fortunately communities in Texas can be both. When selecting an assisted living facility it is always important to understand the type of licensing that the facility has.